Apple blocks Samsung Galaxy Tab in Europe

Apple has scored a victory in the patent wars this week, convincing a German court to grant a pan-European injunction against Samsung, preventing sales of the Korean firm’s flagship Galaxy Tab 10.1 across Europe, with the exclusion of the Netherlands.

The move marks the latest development in the constant to-ing and fro-ing between device vendors. Apple sued Samsung earlier this year, claiming that its Galaxy Tab “slavishly” copies the iPad and infringes upon ten patents held by Apple. Samsung promptly countersued in its domestic market of South Korea, but not before Apple’s claims had delayed the launch of the Tab device in Australia.

According to reports, tens of thousands of Tabs have been seized following the ruling, which may be extended to the Netherlands via a local hearing.

However, the ruling is only temporary as it is an interim injunction granted ahead of a hearing by greater courts in the EU and US. Samsung, naturally, is appealing the decision.

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