Danish carriers to preload Scanbuy barcode app

Mobile barcode specialist Scanbuy has announced that Danish carriers Telenor and Telia Denmark are to include the firm’s Scanlife mobile barcode reader as a preloaded app on a number of handsets, including the Nokia N8 and three Sony Xperia models.

“We’re very excited to continue our relationship with Telenor and Telia Denmark,” said Mike Wehrs, CEO and President of Scanbuy. “As we continue to grow awareness for the value of mobile barcodes in Europe, aligning with forward-looking operators such as Telenor and Telia Denmark will play a key role in expanding consumer and business adoption of this important technology.”

Scanbuy said that  mobile barcode traffic has increased by 800 per cent in the past year. The Scanlife app is pre-loaded on more than 40 million handsets worldwide and Scandinavian brands including Danske Bank, H&M, Stark and XL-BYG have deployed the application commercially.

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