iPhone 5 available for pre-order

The fifth iteration of Apple’s popular iPhone handset has inched closer to commercial availability with the news that Deutsche Telekom has begun taking pre-orders of the new mode.

The company told Bloomberg that it will hand out coupons to people who request the replacement for the iPhone 4, but it would not confirm what the handset will be called or launch details of the device.

As of yesterday, O2 UK claimed that it did not know when the next iPhone would be made available, while Vodafone UK admitted that it would be available soon and that the operator would be supplying the device.

Meanwhile, Apple is also training staff in its retail outlets on the iOS 5 operating system, which the handset will use – as well as on the new iCloud service, according to

Apple had originally said that the iCloud service would be launched alongside the next generation iPhone. The report states that training will be done through the company’s internal RetailMe application.

Apple iPhone handsets currently hold 18.2 per cent of the worldwide smartphone market, according to research firm Gartner, trailing behind Nokia, which has 22.1 per cent and Google’s Android operating system, which dominates with 43.4 per cent.

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