Broadband InfoVision Awards preview

With just a couple of weeks to go until the Broadband InfoVision Awards in Paris, we examine the shortlist for Category 7 – Enabling Silicon and Component-Level Technologies.

US firm Freescale Semiconductor has won recognition for its Secure Broadband Gateway solutions, based around its QorIQ Communication Processor family, which are designed to meet the widespread demand from both the enterprise and consumer markets for networking solutions which are secure and have lots of bandwidth yet are easy to use and always on.

The portfolio also integrates Freescale’s VortiQa commercial-grade IP Networking software to provide a range of production-ready solutions in a single box. The solutions are designed to help OEM/ODMs quickly and cost effectively create a range of secure business gateway applications, including unified threat management (UTM) appliances, WiFi Access Points, Secured routers, VoIP gateways, VPN routers, Secured switches, multi-service business gateways and IPS/IDS appliances.

Ikanos, another US-based company, has been nominated for its Ikanos NodeScale Vectoring, which it describes as a “breakthrough DSL access technology that enables 100 Mbps performance and beyond”.  The complete system includes NodeScale Vectoring compatible line cards, Vector Computation Engines and G.vector-ready customer premises equipment.

Ikanos’ NodeScale Vectoring technology analyses the crosstalk and interference environment in real time and creates a unique set of compensation signals that effectively eliminates both. NodeScale Vectoring is claimed to cancel noise across an entire network node from 192 to 384 ports or more, meeting the deployment requirements of the world’s leading service providers.

Slovenia’s Vedas has reached the shortlist for its ThunderMux offering, a comprehensive System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solution for Next-Generation Networks that allows equipment vendors to design fully functional, remotely powered, flexible micro DSLAMs (uDSLAMs), covering almost 100 per cent of potential customers within the existing infrastructure thanks to significant loop shortening, and enable service providers to deliver triple play services.

The ThunderMux solution offers extremely low power consumption and an extremely high offload of the local processor unit, allowing the use of simpler processors within the uDSLAM, without huge external flash and system memory. The solution also supports uDSLAM stacking, enabling better and efficient use of dark fibre.

The Broadband InfoVision Awards will be held in Paris on September 27th during a Gala Dinner Presentation aboard a river cruise on the Seine, travelling through the heart of the French capital. For more information and to register, please click here

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