Verizon to curb data usage for heavy users

Verizon has begun implementing “network optimisation practices” to manage traffic and data speeds for the five per cent of users that consume the most data with their 3G devices on the company’s unlimited data plans.

The firm warned that its heaviest users may experience slower speeds when connected to a congested 3G cell after they reach certain data-usage levels in their bill cycle and when Verizon deems it necessary, in order to optimise network traffic in that area.

The carrier insists it is not “throttling” users, claiming that data usage will only curbed at times and in places of 3G network congestion.

It said that, unlike throttling, where wireless data speeds are reduced for customers’ entire cycle billing, network optimisation is based on the theory that all if a user is not causing congestion for others, even if they are using a high amount of data, their connection speed should be as good as possible.

“Once you are no longer connected to a congested site, your speed will return to normal. This could mean a matter of seconds or hours, depending on your location and time of day,” the firm explained.

Verizon added that, as of August 2011, the top five per cent of data users were using 2GB or more of data each month.


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