Germans prefer broadband over partners says Alcatel-Lucent

Philippe Keryer, executive vice president of the networks operating segment at vendor Alcatel-Lucent revealed that in a recent study 84 per cent of Germans admitted that they would rather give up their cars or their partner than be deprived of their internet connection.

Speaking in a keynote address on day two of the Broadband World Forum in Paris, Keryer said that the data is proof that consumers have become addicted to internet devices, causing a shift in influence in the telecoms industry. “The power has shifted from the operator and carriers into the hands of the end users, which is why you see device addiction,” Keryer said.

On a healthier note, Keryer also said that telecoms operators were more than just providers of data pipes. “Broadband is an engine of social and economic development. We are not just providing telecoms – we are an enabler of growth.”

He also said that while fibre was important, copper still had an important role to play. “We need to accelerate the deployment of broadband and use fibre where it makes sense, but we should be very wise to use the existing connectivity in your home to improve the business case.

Keryer also highlighted the importance of small cell technology. “Initially, there was a lot of scepticism about femtocells, but now there is no discussion about metro cells – it’s absolutely a must.”


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