Brazilian mobile traffic on the rise

Brazilian flag

Brazil is showing an appetite for mobile internet, as internet traffic from non-PC devices, such as tablets, mobile phones and gaming consoles, has grown rapidly in recent months.

Although non-PC device traffic accounted for just one per cent of total internet page views in August, this marks an increase of more than 60 per cent since May, according to comScore.

The research provider said that this trend shows that tablets and smartphones are rapidly growing importance in Brazil.

“Internet consumption in Brazil is changing as consumers embrace a growing number of connected devices,” said Alex Banks, comScore managing director for Brazil.

He added that this trend offers firms opportunities to engage with an increasingly connected audience base, but it also presents challenges in understanding how multiple platforms may influence consumers’ media consumption habits.

Nearly 60 per cent of this non-PC traffic comes via Apple devices, according to the research. Apple iOS accounted for 58.5 percent of non-PC device traffic in August 2011, while devices running the Android operating system accounted for 16.7 per cent.

Other findings were that mobile phones accounted for the largest share of non-PC device traffic, representing 59.8 per cent. Tablets accounted for 36.5 percent, while other devices, including iPods, e-readers and gaming consoles, accounted for 3.7 percent.

Apple’s iPad led the tablet market driving 94 percent of tablet page views in August 2011 in Brazil.

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