White space starts up finds hardware partner for global push

Neul, the UK white space startup that says its technology will revolutionise the M2M and local broadband sectors, has announced plans to jointly develop and market its white space radio networking system with a new hardware partner, Carlson.

Carlson designs and develops products to deliver high-speed internet and voice connectivity to rural communities and businesses with remote operations. The pair said that the technology will bring affordable broadband to millions of under-served customers worldwide.

Volume shipments of the new system are planned before the end of 2011, with samples and development equipment available before then.

“Broadband is a global necessity in today’s world, and we see this partnership as a leap forward for rural broadband worldwide,” said Carlson CEO James Carlson. “This is a groundbreaking technology that uses vacated TV channels – TV white spaces – for broadband. It is especially effective in sparsely populated areas and rugged terrain, giving rural communities real-time access to the business opportunities and educational resources the internet has to offer.”

The companies said that their system gives WISPs access to more than 100MHz of high quality white space radio spectrum in the UHF band. They claim that WISPs using the new system can deliver faster, more reliable service to more customers with the same network infrastructure, driving revenue and profit for WISPs.

“Millions of people around the world do not currently have access to decent broadband at affordable prices. In today’s world this is not acceptable,“ said Luke D’Arcy, VP for marketing at Neul. “Pioneering WISPs are already helping many people to get on-line. White space radio technology will allow them to serve even more customers, thanks to its long range and non line of sight capabilities.”

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