BT remains top dog in broadband

UK incumbent telco BT said Thursday it expects to maintain its position as the UK’s leading retail broadband provider after grabbing a 38 per cent share of the 459,000 net additions in the quarter to end June 30.

At the end of June, BT had 11.2 million wholesale broadband connections, including 2.4 million local loop unbundled lines, an increase of 2.5 million connections year on year, driven by strong growth in the broadband market.

Profit before taxation, specific items and leaver costs rose 3 per cent year on year to of £658m, as did revenues, which reached £5bn.

The new wave division continued to grow, posting revenues of £1.8bn, an 11 per cent increase on last year. New wave revenue is mainly generated from networked IT services and broadband and accounted for 36 per cent of the group’s revenue.

Networked IT services revenue grew by 8 per cent to £1bn and broadband revenue increased by 19 per cent to £540m.


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