LTE North America Award Preview – Contribution to LTE Development (Individual Award)


The LTE North America Awards will take place on the 8 November 2011 at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas, USA

The LTE North America awards 2011 are taking place today, the 8th November 2011 at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas, USA. The awards celebrate the innovation and excellence in that has taken place over the past 12 months in the LTE industry and features 60 nominees across nine categories. To highlight the awards we are featuring close looks at each of the companies shortlisted and here we bring you a preview of the final category fought between two individuals: Contribution to LTE Development (Individual Award).

Cisco Systems: Aeneas Dodd-Noble

Over the past three years Aeneas Dodd-Noble, consulting engineer for Cisco Systems has been one the key external partners for Verizon Wireless on its LTE launch. Aeneas was involved in many aspect of the launch programme and in particular spearheaded the Cisco partnership on the Verizon launch. He was also involved in documenting, defending, and debating Verizon’s contributions to the LTE Standards Group and helped create the detailed test plans. Demonstrating his leadership he built a Cisco Team to help offload and distribute the workload from Verizon to Cisco to assist in fulfilling the 4G requests. He now is educating the Verizon team on the latest LTE standards developments and lobbies for support on Verizon’s behalf.

Openet: Joe Hogan

Joe Hogan is the CTO of Openet, and was principal designer of all of Openet’s primary software architectures. He was company lead in developing its first set of products designed for the LTE universe, the most important of which was Openet’s Dynamic Context Router (DCR), released in May 2011.

After looking carefully at how 3G network operators thrived in the earlier marketplace, Joe understood that LTE network operators, in order to make a significant return on their investment by gaining and retaining customers, need to stay ahead of the pack in terms of service delivery. Quality of experience reflects back on the operator and can be a tremendous driver for customer loyalty if done correctly. To this end, throughout 2010 and 2011, Joe worked to develop a DCR product superior to those already on the market. The result was a product that simplified diameter routing rules and hence, removed the back-end barriers that can slow up service delivery. Meanwhile, the addition of a new Policy Control and Charging Rules Function to the network becomes a relatively easy task, requiring no network reconfiguration and allowing that operator to adapt much quicker than its competitors.



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