NSN: “This industry recognition validates the strength of our innovative solutions and products.”

We speak to Jukka Luoma, head of product management, voice and IP transformation, Nokia Siemens Networks, following the announcement that the company won the Best LTE Core Network Product category at the LTE North America Awards 2011, held last week in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Can you tell us a little more about your entry?

The Open Core System is the suite of products enabled by the Nokia Siemens Networks open core applications and software architecture, in which all the common components of a core network across the packet-switched, circuit-switched and IMS domains can be installed and scaled up within a single COTS ATCA (commercial off-the-shelf Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture) hardware environment.

The Open Core System forms part of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Liquid Core. As part of our Liquid Net architecture, Liquid Core provides the foundation of the broadband experience. It brings fluidity to the core network as all the common components of the core network can be installed on a single common hardware environment. Liquid Core smartly manages and delivers services and content, and dynamically provides the capacity needed to ensure the best customer experience at the lowest cost.

Why do you think the judges chose your entry for this award?

We at Nokia Siemens Networks believe our Open Core System is an ideal evolutionary step towards simplification, modernisation and environmentally sustainable telecommunication business.

By adopting the Open Core System, operators will be prepared for future data traffic growth. The flexibility of the architecture enables them to scale up the core to meet rising demand and they will be ready to introduce LTE functionality into existing hardware via a simple software upgrade.

What recent industry developments does it specifically address?

The communications market is pushing Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to require more open and flexible platforms for the most valued applications (such as Voice, SMS and data) to provide a secure evolution path towards LTE. CSPs are also looking for network simplification and network element efficiency to reduce total cost of ownership and enable the implementation of green values – all while considering a long term platform strategy for consolidated core networks architecture.

With Nokia Siemens Networks’ Open Core System, all common components of a core network can be installed and scaled up at a single and synergetic COTS ATCA hardware environment. NSN’s Open Core Software Architecture is hardware agnostic, enabling the same software to run on both legacy and the latest state-of-the-art platforms. It is compliant with all defined core network standard interfaces.

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