Xfera strikes network deal

Xfera, the fourth Spanish mobile licensee, which has managed to avoid rolling out 3G infrastructure since it was awarded its license in 2000, has finally put the wheels in motion to deploy a network.

The company, which has been a subsidiary of TeliaSonera since June, has reached an agreement with Ericsson for the supply of radio, network and service equipment plus all installation services to ensure the launch of 3G operations before the end of the year.

Requirements drawn up by the Ministry of Industry state that Xfera must have population coverage of 26 per cent before the end of the year.

“This agreement with Ericsson is our first milestone since we re-launched the project in June. Also, we have reached the agreement before the planned deadline and in line with the estimated investments made in our strategic plan”, said Johan Andsjo, president of Xfera.


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