Dish Networks trademarks planned wireless video and LTE services as ‘Ollo’

US satellite pay TV broadcaster Dish networks has applied for the trademark ‘Ollo’ as a brand name for its planned wireless LTE-Advanced based services. The trademark applications were filed on 9 November, according to Fierce Cable, and would be used for both equipment such as tablets and phones, and services to provide video, voice and wireless broadband internet.

In August, Dish Networks requested permission from US telecoms regulator the FCC to transfer frequency licenses from its acquisition of bankrupt satellite mobile operator TerreStar, to add to spectrum acquired following the separate purchase of satellite company DBSD North America.

This would give it a total of 40MHz of S-Band spectrum to play with and would enable it to build out an LTE Advanced based wireless service in the US using a 2x20MHz configuration. It would then be in a position to offer a triple-play of voice, TV and broadband wireless to take on cable rivals such as Comcast, and also compete with established carriers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless and the planned LTE network that Sprint and LightSquared hope to offer on a wholesale basis.

However, by waiting for LTE Advanced, the existing players will all have a head start on Dish Networks’ ambitious plans. While AT&T only launched its LTE service in September 2011, it recently hinted that it has plans to introduce LTE Advanced in 2013.

The next LTE conference is LTE Latin America 2012, taking place on the 17-18 April 2012,at the Windsor Barra Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

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