T-Mobile UK launches “truly unlimited calls, texts and internet”

Mobile operator T-Mobile UK has announced what it claims is the country’s first “truly unlimited” mobile phone plan. The operator’s “Full Monty” deal allows unlimited internet browsing, unlimited SMS messages and unlimited phone calls with no fair usage restrictions.

The contract enables users to use their phone as a modem (tethering) and use internet on their phone for peer-to-peer file sharing or making internet calls. Last year, T-Mobile was banned by the ASA from claiming in its marketing that it offers “truly unlimited internet” after consumers complained that it actually imposed such restrictions.

Prices for the plan start at £41 per month, with a free BlackBerry 9900 handset, or customers can pay a £29 up-front fee to have an iPhone 4S 16GB handset with the deal.

“Over the past two years, we’ve seen a rise in mobile internet use of over 250 per cent, which reflects the consumer trend of being ‘always on’ wherever they are. However, consumers also still want to retain a more personal level of communication by calling or sending a text,” said Ben Fritsch, head of propositions at T-Mobile UK.

“The Full Monty has been designed for customers who want the peace of mind that there are absolutely no limits placed on their allowances, whilst also knowing they’re getting market leading value for money. We believe our Pay Monthly portfolio offers plans to suit anyone’s needs, all at accessible prices – and we’re really proud to be the first to offer a plan like The Full Monty in the UK”.

The Full Monty plan is available from 1 February 2012, online, in-store or via telesales.

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