CSG launches Ascendon digital services platform

US business support solutions player CSG has unveiled its new digital services platform – Ascendon – that is designed to help any company looking to offer digital services to consumers.

The novel aspect of this launch is that it’s not a piece of BSS software, rather a platform that sits on top of it, which claims to offer greater agility and flexibility.

“With Ascendon we’ve been able to overlay on top of the existing BSS/OSS infrastructure, sort of in the way these digital services are overlaying on top of broadband networks. So you get things like digital lockers, e-wallets, identity and device management,” Kent Steffen, President, CSG Digital Services, told

“CSPs must participate in the fast-growth digital services economy to fuel their growth, moderate the rise of competing services and capture digital services market share,” said Dr. Mark H. Mortensen, of Analysys Mason.  “To become a digital services provider of choice, CSPs need to quickly extend their business infrastructure to support retail and service operations for consumers in the new world, across multiple channels and on any device.”

Ascendon was launched at Mobile World Congress 2015. It seeks to unify CSG’s BSS products and its Content Direct content management solution two cater for four main scenarios: evolved customer, digital commerce, network commerce and business transformation.

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