Huawei focuses on wearables at MWC 2015

The consumer-facing arm of Chinese giant Huawei chose not to launch any new smartphones at its big press event at Mobile World Congress 2015. Instead it launched not one but three wearable devices.

Pausing only to stress how much progress its overall consumer brand is making at exhaustive length, Huawei’s first product launch was the TalkBand B2. At first glance the B2 looks like a fitness band, and that does account for a major chunk of its functionality. But the clever bit is that it’s also a wrist dock for a mini Bluetooth headset, so you get two accessories for the price of one.

The second launch was a stereo Bluetooth headset, which consists of two ear buds linked by a cord. By itself this isn’t especially innovative, but Huawei stressed the high quality of the audio and has also equipped them with 4GB of their own storage, so they can operate independently of any other device if you want. Huawei also suggested they make for an alternative piece of jewellery when dangling around your neck, which may have been one USP too far.

The crowning launch was left to last, with Huawei unveiling its new smartwatch. The Huawei Watch features a circular face and is designed to look as much as possible like a regular watch, in a manner reminiscent of the recently-launched LG smartwatches. There was a focus on premium components, but Huawei doesn’t think it’s time to introduce a modem yet. There are 40 custom watch faces, but most of the features are standard ones derived from Android Wear.

Huawei is as determined as ever to establish itself as a consumer brand. This press event seemed to borrow more than previous ones from the now established Jobsian MO, with hyperbole thick on the ground and a suspicious amount of cheering and clapping from the audience. They even got their top brand professional up on stage to talk about how Huawei wants to transcend meter products in the way Nike and Coke (and by inference Apple) do. None of these products may end up selling in huge numbers but they all add to Huawei’s consumer credibility.

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