Moto preps monster for entrance

Industry watchers and Motorola investors will be watching with bated breath on Tuesday, as the company’s chief exec, Ed Zander, lifts the curtain on the so called “media monster” device.

Last week, Zander spent some time making sure loaded comments about the new phone made their way into the press.

According to Zander’s teasing comments, the gadget is a fully fledged movie phone, capable of offering 30 frames per second viewing and enough juice to play full length feature films on the go.

As part of the development, Moto is understood to have brought in another company, which specialises in squeezing full length movies onto removable SD cards.

A lot hinges on this device. Motorola hasn’t had a major hit since the introduction of the RAZR and its portfolio is flagging. Sales at the handset unit fell 15 per cent year on year during the first quarter.


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