Qwilt develops transparent caching solution

US firm Qwilt has released a new video delivery platform which combines the ability to identify, monitor, store and deliver video content on fixed or mobile networks onto a single platform.

Its new QB-Series transparent-video delivery solution uses video content classification and analysis technology to detect video content in an operator’s Internet traffic stream, and adds optimised storage and delivery capabilities to create a plug-and-play solution.

Qwilt is claiming performance gains of at least 5X over existing products, and has named IT Frontier Corporation, a subsidiary of Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation, as a systems integrator partner for the new platform.

“We have identified an urgent need in Japan for a solution to ever-growing Internet video traffic and its associated costs for network operators,” said Masashi Ono, Division General Manager of IT Frontier Corporation. “After working with many members of the Qwilt team for over a decade, we are pleased to be partnering with them yet again and believe the company and its products will have a major impact on network operators worldwide.”

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