Fujitsu and Microsoft collaborate on industrial IoT

Fujitsu and Microsoft have announced a collaborative effort to bring operational excellence and standardisation to the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), according to a statement released by the Japanese tech vendor.

As things stand today, IoT is in a very infantile stage of development, with a high number of varying parties developing conflicting products across multiple platforms. As such, the announcement of Fujitsu and Microsoft’s partnership can help in uniting industrial IoT players towards a common framework for further advancing the development of the industry.

Fujitsu says it will be utilising the Eco-Management Dashboard, its IoT/M2M platform, along with Microsoft cloud services and Windows tablets to smooth operations and optimise processes between machine interfaces and human workforce. Additionally, Fujitsu claims its partnership will enable more cost saving by streamlining systems and improving product quality.

Moreover, however, the ability to migrate a standardised operating procedure to manufacturers and industrial IoT adopters industry-wide has the potential to significantly enhance the capabilities of the technology in the short term.

“Leveraging the Fujitsu Eco-Management Dashboard solution alongside Microsoft Azure and the Fujitsu IoT/M2M platform, we are able to deliver real-time visualisation of the engineering process for big data analytics to improve the entire production process and inform decision-making,” said Hiroyuki Sakai, EVP and head of global marketing at Fujitsu.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Ravi, managing director for discrete manufacturing industry at Microsoft reckons advanced analytics will be one of the main drivers in driving industrial IoT advancements.

“We are proud to partner with Fujitsu to enable the next generation of manufacturing business models and services enabled by IoT along with advanced analytics capabilities like machine learning,”

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