Two fifths of UK businesses have no 4G plans says Vodafone survey

A survey of UK businesses conducted for operator Vodafone by YouGov has revealed that two thirds of UK businesses don’t use 4G services and two fifths have no intention of doing so.

While Vodafone has a clear vested interest in such findings, keen as it presumably is for its business customers to upgrade to 4G, they nonetheless reveal businesses have been slower to appreciate the benefits of 4G than consumers. Unsurprisingly cost was found to be the biggest concern, especially among SMEs and Vodafone realises operators need to a better job of demonstrating ROI.

“Now is the time for those businesses which are yet to invest in 4G to do so and to start benefiting from its full potential,” said Phil Mottram, UK Enterprise Director at Vodafone (pictured). “To help decision makers see the viable business case in upgrading to 4G, Vodafone is committed to helping businesses understand how 4G can benefit them based on their business functions, needs and priorities using the greater speed and capacity that 4G can provide.

“Whilst the perception of cost is still stopping businesses from taking the step towards 4G, the significant knowledge gap of what it can offer UK businesses is a challenge.”

At risk of labouring the point Vodafone highlighted other findings that point towards the quality of internet connection being of paramount importance to businesses, but that they don’t necessarily equate that to 4G for some reason. Operational efficiency is also important to them and 42% of surveyed business that do have 4G said it better enables flexible working.

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