Amdocs launches big data suite for telcos

CEM software giant Amdocs has launched a suite of applications designed to give communications service providers (CSPs) greater access to big data and analytics.

High Definition Marketing Analytics claims to help make sense of all the user behaviour and social media data available to help with things like segmentation and direct marketing. Deep Network Analytics does more or less what it says on the tin, offering network analytics to help anticipate and minimise network issues. Consumer and Business Satisfaction Analytics looks to source data from a wide variety of business units to provide insight into things like customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score.

“Amdocs’ big data analytics portfolio aids service providers as they meet head-on the demands of The New World of Customer Experience, an era marked by the need to overcome internal system complexity to accelerate business value and deliver a differentiated customer experience,” said Gary Miles, of Amdocs.

“This challenge is particularly acute in the context of big data with so many data sources often residing in proprietary and siloed systems across diverse areas of the business. Amdocs understands the data sources intimately and offers tools specifically designed to collect, process and expose the data in a secure manner.”

This set of launches is effectively a refresh of a similar portfolio launched by Amdocs a year ago, but with a greater emphasis on things like customer satisfaction. In this sense Amdocs seems to be ensuring it is at least keeping up with the current trend of helping telcos use big data to improve their customer experience, such as the recent announcements from Astellia.

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