Colt launches mega-fast European Supercore network

Wholesale and enterprise-services telco Colt has launched a new mega-fast, high capacity, pan-European network to satiate the bandwidth-intensive nature of tech and media industries across the continent.

The European Supercore network, Colt claims, has been designed to support the rapid roll-out and provisioning of 100G Ethernet services. The telco cited pressure being applied by the European Commission on G-20 economies to support developing industries which are becoming increasingly bandwidth-intensive was a primary driver for the development of the new network. On-demand content, moving towards ultra-HD and 4K, delivered via mobile and smart TVs are one of the other significant drivers, it claims.

Colt partnered with optical vendor Infinera, which last month announced its intentions to acquire rival optical player Transmode, in order to deliver the European Supercore, by utilising its latest packet optical transport networking platform. Infinera claims its DTN-X platform, alongside various enabling technologies, will give Colt the ability to roll-out 40G and 100G services to its customers more dynamically and with higher availability.

Zhongmin Guo, VP of strategy and business development at Colt reckons flexibility is the key to delivering such massive bandwidth on an ad hoc basis for its customers.

“This network upgrade is the latest in a series of investments in our network and will allow Colt to rapidly provision high-bandwidth services to our customer base in Europe,” he said. “The Infinera platform allows us to easily scale the network as customer demand increases over time, giving Colt the flexibility needed to effectively support our customers.”

The European Supercore network launch is part of a wider global networking expansion effort for Colt, which recently acquired pan-Asia network and data centre provider KVH, which has been running several trial for 400G data transmission in Japan, and has also been undertaking several networking upgrades itself in the region.

Colt says all of its customers will be able to use the European Supercore immediately.

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