Mycom OSI demonstrates solution that marries NFV and QoS

Network quality assurance outfit Mycom OSI has demonstrated a new solution that applies its quality of service (QoS) expertise to NFV implementations, claiming to automatically direct NFV orchestrations based on service assurance factors.

The demonstration is happening at the TM Forum Live! show and is based on Mycom’s ProActor automation and orchestration product. It is designed to address the perceived QoS complications that come with controlling network functions virtually.

“NFV Orchestration should not be made in isolation of the overall network as otherwise there is a significant risk that the quality of overall network and services will suffer, and competing on network quality is a key business objective for progressive leading CSPs,” said Mounir Ladki, President and CTO of Mycom OSI.

“This Catalyst proof of concept demonstrates that CSPs can deploy their NFV environments and maintain network and service quality not just within the NFV environment itself but also in the context of the overall network, which should help them mitigate the risks associated with introducing VNFs into the otherwise purpose-built physical network environments.”

Mycom also took this opportunity to announce a client win in the form of Taiwanese operator FarEastTone using its NIMS-PrOptima network performance management platform to manage its LTE network of over a million subscribers.

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