Aircom announces Symena acquisition

Network planning and optimisation solutions provider Aircom International has announced that it will acquire Symena, a spin-off from Vienna University of Technology, which develops software to automate cell planning.

Aircom said that the deal will further strengthen its LTE radio capability by integrating Symena’s ACP solutions with its planning and OSS tools, enhancing its existing SON capabilities. Symena was the first company to offer a commercial ACP solution for LTE.

The Austrian firm provides 2G and 3G network capabilities as well as in-depth technical expertise on optimisation algorithms, which Aircom plans to integrate with its network planning tools and consultancy.

“By capturing Symena’s proven technology and internationally recognised skillset, we can deliver even further value to our respective customers while offering a powerful business case to new operators and vendors.” said Alwyn Welch, CEO at Aircom.

Thomas Neubauer, CEO at Symena, will join the Aircom senior executive management team and added that both Symena and Aircom share the same vision for SON, and the “instrumental role it will play in driving efficient and profitable networks through 2G, 3G and LTE technologies.”

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