Moto breeds “media monster”

Motorola head honcho Ed Zander appears to be slyly fuelling speculation that the world’s second biggest handset vendor has finally come up with a design to boost its flagging handset portfolio.

Speaking in a keynote at the Software 2007 conference in Silicon Valley on Wednesday, Zander reportedly teased attendees with the promise of a “media monster”, due to be unveiled Wednesday next week.

The gadget is supposedly designed as a fully fledged movie phone, capable of offering 30 frames per second viewing and enough juice to play full length feature films on the go.

As part of the development, Moto is understood to have brought in another company, which specialises in squeezing full length movies onto removable SD cards.

The other titbit of available info is that the device is scheduled to ship in Europe first, no details on when though.


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