Coriant and Orange claim optical transmission record

Optical networking company Coriant has claimed new world records for optical transmission capacity and distance in partnership with French telco Orange.

In what is being described as a multi-terabit field trial, the companies demonstrated the highest ever C-band transmission capacity using 16QAM (24 Tbps) and 64QAM (38.4 Tbps) modulation formats in a live networking environment, while the transmission reach of 762 kilometers was also a record. The field trial was conducted across a live G.652 fiber link in the Orange transport infrastructure connecting the cities of Lyon and Marseille.

“Our collaboration with Orange in the SASER Project with all the SASER partners has played an important role in advancing the state of research in these key technologies, while laying the groundwork for continued innovation in Coriant’s current and future product portfolio, including our CloudWave-enabled 400G flexi-rate offering,” said Uwe Fischer, CTO of Coriant.

Coriant also partnered with TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) to showcase a programmable technology that supports speeds up to 400G per channel based on application-specific bit rate, reach, and modulation requirements.

“Staying ahead of the customers’ ever increasing connectivity needs are paramount for us,” said Mattias Fridström, Head of Technology at TSIC. “This 400G field trial is all about ensuring the flexibility at all layers of the network, and especially in the underlying high-capacity transport infrastructure required for delivering the best high performance connectivity for our customers and their end-users,”

Lastly Coriant has unveiled its CloudWave Optics suite of software-programmable photonic layer technologies, that is positioned as a key component of its SND-enabled offering, with all the flexibility and efficiency benefits associated with SDN.

“Increased demand for dynamic, cloud-centric services and applications is a driving force behind innovation in optical layer technologies,” said Ken Craft, EVP of Products and Technology at Coriant. “Our programmable flexi-rate capabilities are specifically designed to help service providers and data center operators efficiently and cost-effectively scale their service infrastructure in the face of continued demand for network capacity and highly unpredictable traffic patterns and transport connectivity requirements.”

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