Telefónica unveils standalone IoT smart buttons

The R&D division of Spanish telco Telefónica – I+D – has launched a new line of ‘smart buttons’ that enable IoT functionality without the need for an accompanying connected device.

The programmable buttons can be used to perform simple IoT tasks, such as alerts and service requests. The contain their own embedded SIM cards, so are independently connected and fully functional without the need for other sources of connectivity.

Telefónica has also revealed a couple of case studies to exemplify their use. Shipping company SEUR is using the button to enable the automatic generation and sending of a package collection order. It will be making these available for customers that use standard services and frequent collection requests. The smart button used by taxi company

Cabify will enable its customers to choose the vehicle type and receive details of the car and driver assigned to collect them. The embedded SIM has global coverage (so long as you’re in a Telefónica country, presumably), so Cabify is intending to expand this service to Chile, Peru and Mexico.

As with many current IoT applications this feel like the tip of the iceberg, and isn’t even the first smart button initiative to make an appearance in recent months following Amazon’s similar concept. But while making the ordering of taxis or food a bit easier may seem relatively trivial, they do serve to seed the market and get us one step closer to establishing what, exactly, IoT is going to be.

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