WeDo launches customer profiling software

Portuguese business assurance outfit WeDo has launched a new software suite designed to help telcos better profile their customers and anticipate commercial opportunities.

The new software is called SHAPE Telecom and it acts as a customer data analytics suite primarily designed for the commercial operations within CSPs. Using customer data to create segments that can then have targeted offers presented to them based on their perceived preferences is the name of the game.

Specifically SHAPE, which doesn’t seem to be an acronym, aims to help with five main areas of CSP business: customer profitability, customer optimization, churn, social value and monetisation. This fits with the current trend among operators of paying more attention to the ‘long tail’ and working out how make the most of all customers, not just the high value ones.

“In today’s rapidly expanding telecoms market, WeDo recognised the growing need for CSPs to develop new services that address an increasing number of industry challenges, including high market penetration, price competition and a decline in customer loyalty,” said Tony Poulos, Market Strategist at WeDo.

“SHAPE Telecom was designed with the main goal of determining cost and profitability at customer and plan levels and, at the same time, delivering segmentation models for target campaigns that address both customer value growth and customer satisfaction. SHAPE Telecom offers self-service analytics, without the need to rely on data scientists or IT.”

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