Sweden faces spying law

Swedish-Finnish operator TeliaSonera said Monday it is moving some of its mail servers to sidestep a proposed law allowing the Swedish government to spy on all electronic communications.

The Swedish government has proposed a law which would allow the National Defence Radio Establishment to intercept all electronic communications passing the national border.

As a result, TeliaSonera said it has decided to move the production of all email services for its Finnish customers to Finland. Previously, the operator’s mail platform was completely hosted in Sweden.

The Swedish Parliament will vote on the proposal on June 14. If adopted, operators have one year to implement the new provisions.

TeliaSonera’s relocation process of email services from Sweden to Finland is estimated to be finalised by the end of first quarter of 2008.

TeliaSonera’s fixed and mobile voice services, SMS, MMS and mobile data are already produced in Finland and will not be affected by the proposed law.


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