Google introduces Android 6.0 and calls it Marshmallow

In keeping with the tradition of naming major new versions of its mobile OS after sweet food beginning with successive letter of the alphabet, Android 6.0 is otherwise known as Marshmallow.

The final Android 6.0 SDK is now available to download, but even Google concedes that this update is ‘relatively incremental’. This probably means a lot of the changes are technical, bug fixes, etc, but there has been an improvement to the fingerprint reader API, which could have been prompted by the success of Apple Pay, and the Permissions UI has been enhanced too.

The choice of Marshmallow was probably the bookie’s favourite, as correctly guessed by back in May. When it was first unveiled there was also talk of improvement to the Android Wear smartwatch platform, but no mention of that today.

Incidentally an intriguing video has been doing the rounds featuring robots developed by Google subsidiary Boston Dynamics. It shows a couple of robots in action, one of which is being widely equated to The Terminator movies. It’s called Atlas and is described by Boston Dynamics as ‘The Agile Anthropomorphic Robot’. See for yourself below.

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