LTE Awards 2012 – Category 2 Preview: Best Test Measurement LTE Product

The LTE Awards 2012 are taking place on May 23rd, at the El Xalet, Montjuic, Barcelona.

LTE Awards 2012 – Category 2 Preview: Best Test Measurement LTE Product

Now in its third year, the annual LTE Awards, in associated with, are now established as the leading event of its kind. The LTE Awards are designed to recognise, celebrate and reward the great innovations that are being made in the industry, and this year are co-located with the LTE World Summit 2012, taking place on the evening of the 23rd, at the El Xalet, Montjuic, Barcelona. The event is sure to be a glamorous and entertaining evening for all participants.

The winners, from a varied selection of 10 categories and 48 shortlisted companies, will be picked by an independent panel of judges, consisting of leading industry experts, during a two week assessment process.

To whet your appetite for the event here is a preview of Category 2: Best Test  Measurement LTE Product

Actix LTE Network Acceptance

The Actix LTE Network Acceptance device tests LTE networks and devices and has already been deployed by over 50 operators and Network Equipment Providers. Actix’s Network Acceptance solution, provides a powerful mechanism for operators to control network rollout and maximize network launch quality. It offers unparalleled data support by collecting detailed RF and end-to-end measurements data from both macro and indoor networks and presents a clear centralised view of the data with automated analytics and reporting and live network monitoring. This lets operators verify sites quickly and support their negotiations with NEPs.

Anite SAS

Anite’s SAS is a reliable, easy-to-use and accurate real-time network simulator which enables laboratory testing of LTE devices using real-life scenarios. SAS is the solution of choice for leading device manufacturers and operators for device acceptance and interoperability testing. The device has a unique graphical interface enables a straightforward and rapid set-up, with limited need for training and an intuitive and simplified method of analysing results. It supports a range of live LTE test cases and can be optimised to match any LTE environment and range of differing frequencies. It has recently selected by Telefónica Germany in order to ramp up its introduction of LTE devices.

RTD (Rapid Test Designer) VoLTE test

The Anritsu RTD (Rapid Test Designer) is used to create and analyse test cases to verify the performance and behaviour of network devices in a variety of scenarios. It’s used by chipset providers, device manufacturers and operators. Uniquely, it supports 2G/£g and LTE together along with CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA standards. It also integrates the ProLab IMS test capability and SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity) to ensure operators can fully test VoLTE. The device enables operators to test and then fully analyse network devices which will have a significant impact on the performance, user experience, and acceptance of LTE as a voice capable technology.

Ascom TEMS Investigation

Ascom TEMS Investigation is an air interface test tool that provides a complete solution for LTE network testing, troubleshooting and optimisation. It offers data collection, real-time analysis, and post-processing all in one. supports nearly 300 measurement devices including phones, smartphones, scanners, PC cards, USB modems, fixed wireless terminals, etc., from all major vendors across multiple technologies. It works in real-time to ensure all required KPIs are met before site acceptance. This tool helps mobile operators better monitor their network’s Quality of Service (QoS), and maximize their network build-out investments, all while saving time and resources.  TEMS Investigation was used in the first LTE network rollout, and today has been used in more than 60 per cent of all LTE deployments worldwide.

Azimuth Systems Field-to-Lab solution

Today’s technology providers not only have to deal with the complexity of LTE technology  but they also have to work with the coexistence of multiple technologies. As new products and solutions based on technologies are introduced, the Azimuth Field-to-Lab solution offers an easy-to-use solution that can intelligently map field data  to recreate challenging real-world environments for use of the customer and global partners. It focuses on ease-of-use and integrated mapping algorithms ensure that customers can quickly implement test plans and assess the results quickly enabling quick and effective intelligent laboratory playback of real-world field conditions. Azimuth’s Field-to-Lab solution is the first and only solution in the industry that allows users to automate their entire test bed in a modular, non-programming environment, allowing even novice users to write automation modules.

Newfield Wireless TrueCall LTE

TrueCall enables operators to develop a better understanding of the capabilities of an LTE network and the ability to measure the impact of new devices on that network. It’s crucially, the only LTE visualisation and optimisation application that’s currently commercially available. Traditional network performance management tools only provide operators with service measurement statistics pertaining to the network elements and not individual subscribers or their device type or location. With precise visualisation of each data session, TrueCall is intended to provide operators with granular detail of activity across their network – in real-time. It is capable of drilling-down to each individual LTE session, producing geo-referenced maps, reports and session records. It is vendor-agnostic, scalable, easily deployed and has a user-friendly interface.

Video over LTE performance CMW-PQA test system

LTE is the next step in the user experience, enabling more demanding applications to be used such as video streaming, video conferencing, advanced gaming and professional services. The CMW-PQA test system is designed to test the performance of video on LTE mobile devices. It provides real-time testing of the quality of HD video applications on LTE user equipment under real life conditions. This is made possible by simulating the RF channel through fading and the actual network by adding IP traffic impairments.  Network operators, test houses and manufacturers of user equipment can measure parameters such as data throughput, and setup speed and stability of the link under various receive conditions.

The LTE World Summit is taking place on the 23-24 May 2012 CCIB, Barcelona, Spain. Click here to register your

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