LTE Awards 2012 – Category 9 Preview: Best LTE Traffic Management Product

Now in its third year, the annual LTE Awards, in associated with, are now established as the leading event of its kind. The LTE Awards are designed to recognise, celebrate and reward the great innovations that are being made in the industry, and this year are co-located with the LTE World Summit 2012, taking place on the evening of the 23rd, at the El Xalet, Montjuic, Barcelona. The event is sure to be a glamorous and entertaining evening for all participants.

The winners, from a varied selection of 10 categories and 48 shortlisted companies, will be picked by an independent panel of judges, consisting of leading industry experts, during a two week assessment process.

To whet your appetite for the event here is a preview of Category 9: Best LTE Traffic Management Product.

This award recognizes the best LTE Traffic Management Product. They are judged on how the traffic management product contributes to making LTE more attractive for operators to deploy and contributed to the success of a commercial LTE deployment.

Alcatel Lucent: Intelligent Traffic Management solution

Neither traditional RAN probes nor DPI can provide the end-to-end, in-context information needed to deal with the wide range of devices now on networks and the large amounts of traffic they drive. The Alcatel Lucent Intelligent Traffic Management solution can provide this intelligence. It leverages a centralised policy engine to incorporate this intelligence into its business rules and by receiving real-time intelligence updates from the network, it enables the service to act on threatening network events in real-time before they impact the QoE of subscribers or compromise the integrity of the network. Alcatel Lucent’s Intelligent Traffic Management solution has been selected by 16  service providers.

Allot Communications: Service Gateway Sigma E

Mobile operators are now realising that LTE will not provide unlimited bandwidth: congestion and bandwidth limitation still plague subscribers and operators alike in LTE.  The Service Gateway Sigma E has been on the market since January 2011 and detects network congestion on parts of the network and can rate-limit the traffic of all subscribers in that part of the network, or can apply different rate limits, depending on the SLA in individual subscribers’ service plans. Once the congestion has subsided, rate limits are lifted. Throughput and QoS enforcement return to normal for all subscribers. The Allot Service Gateway Sigma E has been successfully deployments of by a number of Tier 1 LTE operators across the globe.

Bytemobile: T3100 Adaptive Traffic Manager

The T3100 Adaptive Traffic Manager is an appliance based (hardware and software) platform designed for highly distributed mobile network deployments. The platform combines Bytemobile’s market leading optimization with deep packet inspection (DPI) capability to provide a fully adaptive traffic management solution designed to deliver the best possible user experience to all mobile subscribers. The aim is to a deliver better service for all subscribers, helping to reduce churn, generate revenue and create efficiencies beyond current optimisation techniques. The company’s technology has been deployed with over 130 operators in more than 60 countries, serving nearly two billion subscribers. Operators across all regions have shown interest in the T3100 Adaptive Traffic Manager and there are currently multiple live trials.

Comptel Corporation

Officially launched in April 2009, Comptel Policy Control is based on the company’s patented, highly scalable Comptel Control and Charge platform. The solution gives CSPs the levers they need to transform their LTE technology investments into profitable new business—it helps them to combine sophisticated charging rules with the real-time application of network and business policy. This allows the utilisation of scarce network resources to be optimised and revenue to be maximised, while maintaining a consistent level of service quality and customer satisfaction.

Metaswitch Networks: Perimeta Session Border Controller

The increase in signalling is one of the biggest challenges facing operators today. Perimeta Session Controller features a distributed architecture comprising two distinct components: a Signalling Session Controller (SSC) and Media Session Controller (MSC).  This stands Perimeta SBC alone in its market with the ability to cost-effectively scale to meet these new demands in both the access and interconnect points of LTE networks. Perimeta SBC’s distributed approach enables LTE operators to grow signaling border control, media border control and transcoding independently – according to the actual demand for each, rather than in the fixed ratio imposed by integrated, appliance-based SBCs. More than 60 network operators have already validated this approach and purchased Perimeta SBC to fortify their communications networks and Perimeta SBC is in trials with numerous LTE operators globally.

Openet: Charging Suite (OCS)

Compared to mobile traffic, wireless data revenue is growing at a slower pace, but LTE networks have provided operators with a more efficient data transport at a much lower cost than existing networks. With more and more consumers interested in LTE services, Openet’s Charging Suite (OCS) solution, is fully 3GPP compliant, and provides operators with innovative solutions for charging for LTE networks, effectively controlling and monetising this new capability. OCS offers real-time collection, and charging of mobile data from a range of network equipment vendors including Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei and Allot, the management of usage and volume tiers and notifications to manage bill shock, real-time usage, and spend notifications. Openet has five live LTE customers using its OCS including Bell Canada, Omintel Lithuania and a large Tier-one operator in North America.

The LTE World Summit is taking place on the 23-24 May 2012 CCIB, Barcelona, Spain. Click here to register your

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