Alcatel announces first 10Gig community internet service

Alcatel’s TWDM-PON ultra-broadband technology has underpinned a fibre optic network infrastructure to support the world’s first 10 Gbps community wide network in Chattanooga, USA.

Having pioneered 1gigabit Internet speeds, Tennessee based municipal utility EPB Fiber Optics claims it is now the first in the world to make a 10 gigabit Internet service available across a large community-wide territory. Though point-to-point commercial installations have been possible for some time, EPB’s 10 Gig service is the first to reach every home and business in a 600 square mile area.

Chattanooga’s community leaders say the investment in fibre has a demonstrable economic benefit. In a study, released in June by the University of Tennessee, finance professor Bento Lobo claims the original ‘One Gig Network’ helped the Chattanooga area to generate 2,800 new jobs and $865.3 million in economic and social benefits. The study also found the EPB smart grid allowed customers to avoid an estimated 124.7 million minutes of electric service interruptions by automatically re-routing power (often in less than a second) to prevent an outage or dramatically reduce outage durations.

Since EPB first launched the fibre optic network, in September 2010, Chattanooga’s new economic profile has attracted new companies and enlivened the city’s entrepreneurial culture, the report claims. Chattanooga claims it is the first mid-sized US city with an established innovation district and is home to America’s third largest business accelerator, the INCubator.

“Chattanooga is a city ready to compete in the 21st Century innovation economy,” said Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. “The 1 gigabit service has already played a pivotal role in transforming our city, attracting new businesses and providing our residents with affordable high-speed connectivity. The 10 Gig offering will grow wages, diversify our local economy and propel Chattanooga as a centre for technology and invention.”

The 10 Gig residential service will cost $299 per month with free installation, no contracts and no cancellation fees. EPB is also launching 5 Gig and 10 Gig Internet products for small businesses as well as 3 Gig, 5 Gig and 10 Gig Professional products for larger enterprises.

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