LTE signalling threat risks outages for MNOs – report

Oracle has noted a massive, network health-threatening increase in LTE diameter signalling traffic, as communications service providers (CSPs) invent new ways to satisfy the appetites of their data hungry subscribers. It has called on planners to avert congestion by factoring these warnings into their LTE building plans.

The latest Oracle Communications LTE Diameter Signalling Index, says signalling traffic will grow at 68% every year for the next five years. This means the shared messaging burden for telcos will grow from today’s total of 30 million messages per second (MPS) to 395 million MPS by 2019.

The data in the latest index (the fourth Edition) could help CSP engineers, network planners and executives to understand diameter signalling trends and to counter the potential impact on their networks by planning network capacity more effectively. The fourth edition of the index followed trends in four application areas in five geographical regions from 2014 through 2019.

The main technology observations were that LTE Broadcast is the fastest-growing generator of Diameter signalling traffic, with signals from this emerging tech growing by 75% per year and likely to create 49.5 million MPS by 2019 as CSPs use it for everything from digital signage to live video feeds. Mobility and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) should not trouble the planners too much at this stage, according to the Index. Mobility apps will only generate 25.3 million MPS by 2019 (since it creates a low number of transactions in the Diameter network) and germinal stage technology VoLTE is only expected to generate a maximum of 43.1 million MPS by 2019, even though it is growing by 49% every year.

Policy, according to the Index, is a more serious consideration for capacity planners as it continues to drive the majority of Diameter signalling traffic, and will be creating 277 million MPS by 2019.

Mobile operators risk network outages and over provisioning if they build ignore the consequences of diameter signalling traffic as they build their LTE networks warned Greg Collins, principal analyst at Exact Ventures. “The massive growth that Oracle is forecasting should focus them on Diameter signalling control,” he said.

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