1248 launches new IoT device manager at ARM TechCon

Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer 1248 has joined the ARM mbed Partner Ecosystem and will unveil its new automated, IoT device manager at ARM TechCon in Silicon Valley.

The system is built on the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform which aims to provide a simple way to design and control embedded connected devices at scale.

Pilgrim Beart, CEO of 1248, said the company has joined the ARM mbed Partner Ecosystem because it brings together the top embedded and cloud companies, component manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs.

ARM says the partner organisation is committed to the openness, standards, technology and the services needed to catalyse invention in the IoT and wider adoption. Partners can contribute to the mbed platform, use it within their own solutions for developers and channel ARM’s high profile to see and be seen across the market.

While 1248 is joining the ARM partner programme to get noticed, its own contribution will be to make connections for the other partners, according to Beart.

“A major obstacle to the growth of the IoT is the lack of widely-available, low-cost, high-quality open systems for connecting devices,” said Beart. The same problem applies to both hardware and software in the IoT sector, according to Beart.

“The mbed IoT Device Platform is an ambitious programme to address that,” said Beart. Most IoT devices need energy-efficient, cheap processors supported by an easy-to-use software development environment. ARM is ideally positioned to deliver a de-facto IoT platform with a set of advanced open standards and a proven track-record in ecosystem development across the mobile industry, Beart said.

The IoT is beginning to cover all industries, according to Zach Shelby, vice president of marketing for the IoT business at ARM. Making it successful will require one of the broadest and most inclusive technology ecosystems the world has ever seen, he warned.

“We specialise in building deep relationships across the technology sector and ARM engages with thousands of companies in doing this,” said Shelby, “1248 is a key partner within the mbed ecosystem as they are close to early IoT adopters. They have the ability to accelerate the deployment of IoT solutions.”

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