O2 adds tablet insurance to O2 Money offering

In a play to further establish a standalone payment brand independent from its mobile network, O2 is offering insurance cover for tablets to UK users across all mobile networks via its O2 Money unit.

O2 said that while the O2 Money unit is separate from its core mobile network offering, the firm is still hoping to leverage the reputation of a trusted and reliable service provider it has cultivated through its mobile brand.

The operator is offering cover for Apple’s iPad products and Samsung Galaxy tablets only at first, but said that this will be extended to a wider range soon.

O2 Money is offering the tablet insurance in two tiers: stolen or damaged tablet cover, which will cost customers £10 a month, and additional cover for lost, stolen or damaged products, which will cost £15 a month. Interested customers should apply for cover before their tablet is 90 days old.

The insurance service is being launched through O2 Money, the same unit that has launched O2’s mobile wallet offering, its O2 money account card, mobile insurance and travel insurance, which are also available to customers from all networks.

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