Dedicated roaming-friendly pre-paid SIM announced by Forbes MVNO

World travellers are to get a mobile phone service that could end their bill shock and multiple SIM card management problems.

Publisher Forbes Media has partnered with Maltese mobile player Worldfone to launch the Forbesfone service for the global traveller. It promises a cost-effective alternative to owning multiple local SIM cards and allows users to use their mobiles wherever they go, without being hit with unforeseen charges.

Users of the service will replace their domestic carrier’s SIM card with a Forbesfone SIM card when traveling internationally. The Forbesfone will be compatible with all unlocked GSM devices and phones supporting iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Customers can choose either a pre-paid pay-as-you-go plan that can be adjusted as needed or a standard monthly plans. Forbesfone’s products include a data plan and a talk. The data plan grants Internet access to mobile users and is available in 190 countries with rates starting at $0.11/MB in the most visited destinations worldwide. The talk plan, currently limited to the US and Europe, offers data, voice and SMS, and roll outs worldwide in January 2016.

Forbesfone CEO Walter Komarek said roaming needs to be redefined for the frequent traveller. “Mobile connectivity can be a burden, financially and operationally,” he said. “Now, looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot, heavy bill shocks and hidden charges are a thing of the past.”

“Forbesfone addresses a common complaint of our audience of world business travellers,” said Mike Federle, Chief Operating Officer at Forbes Media.

The announcement of Forbesfone comes less than a week after the EU Parliament voted in favour of scrapping roaming fees by June 2017. With a new roaming market paradigm emerging as a consequence of the vote, it may be a sign of things to come that a dedicated roaming-specific tariff has been announced already.

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