Google integrates AdMob into AdWords

Web and advertising giant Google has finally integrated its AdMob mobile technology into the AdWords system, two years after the AdMob acquisition.

The firm said that the integration enables advertisers to run campaigns reaching users on more than two million websites and more than 300,000 mobile applications running ads by AdMob, from within the AdWords interface.

“It also helps AdMob developers and publishers increase their revenue by giving them access to a large number of new advertisers,” explained Jonathan Alferness, director of product management for mobile ads.

Ovum principal analyst Eden Zoller said that mobile advertising is not taking off in the way that industry experts had anticipated, but AdMob remains one of the stronger players. Its integration with Google’s flagship advertising product, AdWords, is likely to entice more advertisers to use mobile channels.

“AdWords is a platform that a lot of advertisers use and trust and integrating AdMob into that environment could encourage those existing advertisers that are confident, happy and familiar with AdWords to try AdMob, and try mobile,” she said.

“Google has been slowly integrating AdMob into its other advertising platforms. It has integrated it into the DoubleClick ad exchange. But AdWords is Google’s premier advertising platform; it’s what drives the business, so it’s logical that Google would want to bring AdMob closer to that business, and you can see it has been slowly moving in that direction.”

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