Google gears up for more mobile moves

Google is understood to be ratcheting up its mobile initiative, testing its AdSense platform on mobile devices and gearing up to launch a mobile content search engine.

The web giant is rumoured to be developing a version of its search engine that lets users search for content such as ringtones, direct from their handset and will then direct them to sites where they can be purchased.

The company is also beta testing a mobile version of its AdSense platform which will put targeted ads on mobile web pages.

Last year Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, told attendees at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, that he believes mobile phone calls could be paid for through advertising. The internet search giant has been looking closely at how to squeeze revenue from adverts to mobiles and some analysts believe Schmidt’s comments are spot on.

Nicky Walton, senior analyst at’s parent, Informa Telecoms and Media, said: “I think that until the cost of voice comes down, paying for your calls by watching an advert is an obvious and viable business model.

“There’s no doubt that mobile advertising is going to take off in myriad forms but especially location based services which we think will be one of the most lucrative areas,” Walton said. Asked what impact a company of Google’s influence would have, Walton said its interest “validates” what is currently a nascent market.


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