Nokia and Telecom Italia to find fresh ideas for RAN, SON and SDN

Kit vendor Nokia Networks and operator Telecom Italia have become incubation partners after signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to scout for new technology, with fresh ideas about how to use emerging networking technologies.

Among the mutually agreed areas of interest are network functions virtualisation (NFV), software defined networking (SDN), radio access network (RAN) Evolution and next generation self organising networks (SON).

The MOU agreement also legislates over how the two partners will assess the proof of concept deployments of systems, solutions and services and on what terms they will jointly invest in any usable new inventive offerings. Under the two-year agreement, Nokia Networks and Telecom Italia will seek and evaluate the innovations and use them in their respective portfolios.

Nokia Networks and Telecom Italia have conspired as development partners for two decades, during which Nokia Networks has been one of the main infrastructure suppliers to build the mobile operator’s mobile broadband network. The companies have previously tested the benefits of HSUPA 16QAM technology, collaborated in active antenna development and developed operating software for Telecom Italia’s Service Operation Centre.

The new startups will hopefully help create new more efficient ways to create software defined infrastructure for fifth generation networks, according to Sandro Dionisi, Director of Global Advisory Services at Telecom Italia. “Collaborating will open up the opportunity to introduce new network technologies in strategic areas, faster than before,” said Dionisi.

The focus for finding new talent seems to be on California, rather than Europe. “The initiative will give us access to innovators, mainly but not only in Silicon Valley,” said Dionisi.

It’s all about creating new business ideas and offering better services, according to Nokia Networks’ CTO Hossein Moiin. “Startups are a rich source of innovation that can provide building blocks for various telecom and digital services, with immense potential in areas such as NFV, SDN, RAN Evolution and SON.”

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