Ericsson, China Mobile sign 5G MoU to help deliver China’s Internet+ ambition

Ericsson has publicised the signing of a memorandum of understanding with China Mobile Research Institute to collaborate on 5G research and development.

There’s been lots of jostling for position in the 5G sphere this year, which numerous R&D agreements, specification groups and collaborative efforts being established across the industry to begin work on defining and outlining the requirements to make 5G a reality. The European Commission has launched a number of initiatives to help promote the continent’s leadership in the area, with the improbably-named FANTASTIC 5G and MMAGIC 5G groups forming this year.

According to Ericsson, its work with the world’s largest mobile operator (by subscribers) will extend to verifying, trialling and standardising a new 5G air interface for commercial deployment from 2020, when it comes to radio technology. It also said it will be looking at the close interworking of 5G and LTE, as well as innovative RAN features which can also help drive update of IoT and demonstrate the potential for narrowband IoT.

Speaking on the agreement, CMRI’s deputy head, Yuhong Huang, said the agreement is a big step towards realising the vision of China’s Internet+ strategy.

“China Mobile officially deployed 4G at the end of 2013, and 4G+ is now officially launched,” she said. “We aim to improve network performance, which has provided 300 million customers with excellent user experiences, and which is the key driver for China’s Internet+ strategy.”

“The Internet+ strategy is intensifying and momentum is growing in China in relation to transformation and upgrade of traditional industrial lines and business models, by leveraging the most advanced information and communication technologies. As the next generation of mobile infrastructure, 5G is the key pillar for ICT development globally. We feel that closer and more active cooperation between Ericsson and China Mobile will foster tangible results in 5G by helping to drive standardisation, research and development, and creating an integrated, cross-industry ecosystem.”

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