HTC, Under Armour launch IoT-ish wearable fitness range

The first week in January marks the time of year when consumer electronics manufacturers drop a whole raft of new products. At CES in Las Vegas HTC announced the launch of its dedicated IoT-ish health and fitness gear, produced alongside specialist equipment vendor Under Armour.

The new suite of kit focuses on connecting fitness devices and unifying the data generated into a common application running on HTC or other Android-based smartphones or devices. HTC is providing the hardware for three devices, the UA Band (a wristband that tracks daily activity, exercise and sleep), the UA Heart Rate (a heart monitor strap) and the UA Scale (a wifi-enabled scale which tracks weight and body fat readings).

Under Armour Record, meanwhile, is the manufacturer’s application which aggregates all of the data for users to regularly update and manage their fitness regime.  Under Armour’s chief digital officer, Robin Thurston, claims the bundle provides customised health and fitness advice and guidance based on user data trends and usage.

“There are several options for consumers today when it comes to monitoring their daily activity, but no option when it comes to capturing and presenting information in a meaningful way,” he said. “Most of us know more about the health of our car than we do about our own bodies. Under Armour and HTC set out to change that by going far beyond the automation of data tracking. UA HealthBox provides custom health and fitness experiences designed to guide you towards your goals.”

Under Armour and HTC say the whole bundle will be available to buy in Q1 2016. At last year’s Mobile World Congress HTC announced the launch of the HTC Grip, its first foray into the world of wearables and fitness, in partnership with Under Armour. The proposed launch of the Grip was shelved by the middle of the year, and the launch of the new suite of products could indicate the culmination of more than a year’s work. Given the new suite of fitness products fall under the Under Armour brand, it may suggest HTC is happier to sit in the background when it comes to wearable tech.

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  1. Avatar Jeffrey John 07/01/2016 @ 12:47 pm

    It’s time for growth in Wearables technology with a great combination of technology like IoT, Cloud, SaaS platforms etc. Wearables are next big thing can change the world of mobility in every sector, like enterprise mobility; boost IoT, workforce management too. We will have to be patient because some small scale but popular companies like FarEye are delivering great software’s for great works.

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