Adtran global trials now top 60 operators

Fixed-line provider Adtran has announced trials using its products now exceed 60 different operators globally, indicating growing demand for the copper-line technology.

Adtran’s preferred model uses its fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp) solution in combination with the rest of the way as a cheaper alternative to FTTP. The company claims trials have exceeded expectations in terms of reach and speed.

“We see as an essential access solution for the future enablement of widespread Gigabit broadband,” said Dr. Eduard Scheiterer, SVP of R&D at Adtran. “Our continued investment in includes end-user service activation through reverse powering capabilities, which we brought to market. We are also working with standards bodies like the Broadband Forum to develop open APIs and interfaces allowing simplified, rapid deployment into any broadband network, regardless of FTTx vendor or OSS incumbency.”

“Rather than relying on fiber for the entire network, solutions such as Adtran’s utilize existing copper assets for the last step of the journey,” said Mike Galvin, BT MD of service, strategy & operations. “This allows us to provide the ultra-fast broadband that customers demand, while reducing the time and cost of running fiber all the way to the premises.”

Adtran recently announced its Q4 2015 numbers and they revealed small year-on-year declines in revenue and profit that nonetheless beat expectations. “We expect further improvement in the carrier environment as customers accelerate investments in upgrading their network infrastructure,” said Adtran CEO Tom Stanton.”

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