BlackBerry app downloads hit three billion mark

Canadian vendor RIM said it has now seen three billion apps downloaded for BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet from its App World store, since it was launched in March 2009.

According to the firm, this averages out to over 2.5 million downloads per day, and the rate of downloads is increasing.

“It took 786 days to reach the one billion mark, 210 days to reach two billion, and only 176 days to reach three billion,” the firm wrote in its official blog.

However, this figure pales in comparison to Android app downloads, which Google claims reached 10 billion between its launch in late 2008 and December 2011. Meanwhile, Apple is streets ahead, having announced in March this year that 25 billion apps had been downloaded for its iOS platform since it opened up its App Store in July 2007.

Nonetheless, the figure is favourable in comparison to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, which had seen just 50,000 app downloads, the firm revealed in December 2011, just over a year after the launch of its Marketplace app store.

RIM announced the news as the firm continues its BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour, which sees the Canadian vendor showcasing its new platform for upcoming devices to app developers and potential developers.

The firm said that it currently has around 28,000 BlackBerry App developers, and noted that the three billion figure does not include apps downloaded from third party BlackBerry app stores, or those pushed internally at companies around the world.

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