Intel ratchets up mobile Linux project

Intel has stepped up its venture into the mobile Linux space with the launch of, which is hosting the company’s Mobile & Internet Linux Project.

Moblin is an umbrella, open source project focused on the development of Linux for Intel-based devices and will host various community-based projects such as Ubuntu’s Mobile and Embedded Edition, and Red Flag’s MIDINUX flavour of the operating system, both of which are targeted for such devices.

The project will also incorporate Intel’s Mobile Internet Device (MID) architecture as well as various other consumer electronic devices. The Intel Mobile Internet Device platform is believed to be an extension of the Centrino platform and will focus on tablet-style devices with around a 5″ screen size. will serve as the point of integration for these projects to ensure the interoperability of the various components. It will provide complete source trees and binary images that can run on these devices to the developer community.


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