Nokia launches AVA cloud service delivery platform

The pre-MWC product launches continue unabated from new, improved Nokia with the unveiling of its AVA ‘cognitive platform’, which claims to bring operator service delivery into the cloud era.

AVA derives its name from Automation, Virtualized and Analytics. Nokia likes the term ‘cognitive’ to describe it as the emphasis is on computer cleverness automating and speeding up the process of delivering Nokia services to operators. Cloud-based delivery and centralized big data collection add to the growing list of contemporary tech industry buzzwords associated with this launch.

“This smart platform will revolutionize our service delivery,” said Igor Leprince, EVP of Global Services at Nokia. “It uses machine learning and predictive analytics to automatically provide intelligent services over the cloud to help operators boost the performance of networks and increase availability to unprecedented levels. This is vital for operators wanting to meet the ever-rising needs of subscribers, win new IoT business and be ready for 5G.”

“By using big data analytics and Nokia Predictive Care we can proactively pinpoint and correct hidden issues by configuring network elements to cope with changing network conditions, giving us a powerful way to solve new problems automatically and rapidly,” said Wang Wei, Expert of network O&M department at China Mobile. “This reduces customer complaints and improves customer satisfaction significantly. We can now say that in our core network operations we could not work without Predictive Care for Packet Core.”

In other news Nokia collaborated with Telia and Telenor to boost the uplink capacity at a recent gig in Denmark, to allow fans to upload their photos and videos to social media more quickly. “Our Centralized RAN solution lets Telia and Telenor build denser LTE networks, which translates to a better experience for subscribers,” said Louise Suhr, head of the TTN account at Nokia. “Operators can differentiate from the competition by delivering higher capacity and more robust services, even during big events where traffic levels are exceptionally high.”

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