Google Fiber project to expand beyond Kansas City?

optic fibre

As the long-awaited fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network that Google has busily been building in Kansas City nears completion, rumours have surfaced that the tech giant may be planning to build similar networks in other locations across the US.

Online news source Silicon Beat refers to a job ad (spotted by CapStone Investments) for an Inside Sales position at Mountain View, CA for selling Google Fiber to small businesses.

Dow Drukker, senior vice president of CapStone Investments, quotes the advert as saying that Google is building a team tasked to sell a national broadband network, suggesting that Google likely plans to build a fibre-optic network in additional cities.

Such a move would give the search giant unprecedented insights into the nation’s online activity: its existing operations would give an immense advantage over even the largest existing operators.

More details here.

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