AT&T boosts multiplay strategy with three new streaming plans

AT&T has bolstered its multi-play strategy with the launch of several new content streaming services.

Tailored to serve users operating almost any internet-connected device on practically all bandwidths, AT&T says its new service is designed to deliver premium content formats in an affordable way.

The service will launch in three flavours across the DIRECTV brand: “Now”, “Mobile”, and “Preview”, ranging from premium services for the former to freemium, sponsored-supported access for the latter.

“Now” features on-demand and live scheduled programming with premium add-ons, available across any wired or wireless, compatible internet device. As suggested by its title, “Mobile” is the smartphone-only option consisting of premium video and made-for-digital content available through dedicated applications. “Preview” content, meanwhile, is more limited but completely ad-supported.

Sponsored, advertisement-based access to data services is a growing trend for telecoms operators as they adjust to more tailored yet diverse content offers. 29% of operators who responded to the Intelligence Annual Industry Survey this year said sponsored data services paid for by content providers or advertisers will be launched in 2016.

CEO of AT&T’s Entertainment group, John Stankey said the new service launch is a response to consumer demand for simplified content streaming at a more transparent price-point.

“These new video subscription models reflect the flexible content choices, viewing options and simple, transparent pricing that consumers want. AT&T intends to be the first company to deliver that flexibility, along with an effortless customer experience,” said John Stankey, CEO – AT&T Entertainment Group. “These offers will provide a broad range of customers with greater freedom and choice to watch, binge and even buy premium content, regardless of how and where they enjoy their entertainment.”

The announcements indicates a further shift towards mobile or alternative video consumption, as AT&T says the new service will come without the need for set-top boxes, satellite dishes, and most significantly, without contacts.

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