Intelsat launches partially-virtualized satellite networking platform

Wholesale satellite broadband vendor Intelsat has announced the launch of an enterprise-centric managed service networking platform based on virtualization technology, as it lays claim to the world’s largest satellite-based IP network.

The IntelsatOne Flex for Enterprise, it claims, is based on virtualized network infrastructure which promises completely customisable bandwidth provisioning capabilities for its customers. One of the much-heralded benefits of operators implementing network virtualization initiatives, such as NFV, is the promise of handing service selection over to the customer.

This self-service capability is one of the major functionality features Intelsat says its new product will offer, saying it will “enable customers to flexibly allocate and move bandwidth to meet surges in demand or new geographic requirements.”

With the principle form of connectivity being satellite, Intelsat has acknowledged the need for fixed/terrestrial component integration, claiming seamless integration with MPLS or Ethernet networks to ensure quality of service; while also promising the usual benefits of new services like cost savings and enhanced security.

“The backward compatibility of Intelsat’s Globalized Network does not require customers to replace their existing technology or switch out their ground infrastructure,” said Intelsat’s VP of Marketing Karen Schmidt. “As a result, customers can redeploy the cost savings and instead focus on expanding their businesses and driving new revenue streams.”

In what has been a busy day for Intelsat announcements, it’s also confirmed aviation connectivity and entertainment firm Gogo as a partner for delivering high bandwidth and reliability in-flight broadband via shared geosynchronous and low earth orbit satellites. Intelsat has said that the airliner fleets it is currently serving will benefit from 250mbps access per plane – which, if realised, would be much-improved compared to existing capabilities of in-air broadband.

Elsewhere, Intelsat has reached a couple of achievements in broad SME, maritime, oil and gas and education connectivity by announcing a partnership with Detecon Al Saudia Co in Saudi Arabia, as well as remote internet access in rural areas of Latin America with SkyNet de Colombia.

Carmen Gonzalez-Sanfeliu, Intelsat’s VP of Latin America and Caribbean, proudly declared the platform’s merits during the announcement of its client win.

“The flexibility of Intelsat’s Globalized Network will allow Skynet de Colombia to take full advantage of the power that our next generation Intelsat EpicNG fleet delivers and ensure that SkyNet’s customers receive a seamless broadband experience that continues to be known for its superior quality and reliability.”

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