Nokia claims 5G-ready IoT network in development in Dubai

Nokia Networks has claimed it is starting work on a 5G-ready IoT network infrastructure for critical communications and smart city applications in Dubai.

Working in partnership with specialist security network providers Nedaa and Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions, Nokia has been tasked with creating a smart city infrastructure capable of accommodating high-bandwidth voice, video and apps for mission-critical and emergency services.

The network must also, according to Nokia, be “5G-ready”. The term “5G-ready” is still somewhat vague; presumably there must be a level of flexibility in the architecture so it can scale-up to future workload demands. Nokia says it will have to supply a 5G-ready, mission-critical network consisting of comprehensive security solutions, core and radio access solutions, and IP/MPLS, opical and microwave backhaul infrastructure.

Nokia’s MEA head, Amr El-Leithy, reckons underlying mission-critical infrastructure is the key enabler in realising the potential of smart-cities.

“The Government of Dubai’s vision for creating the safest and smartest city in the world is far-reaching, and something Nokia is proud to be part of,” he said. “Mission-critical communications network is the foundation for realising this vision, and enables public safety and other IoT use cases. Nokia, leveraging its leadership position in 4G and pioneering work in 5G, is well positioned to support the Government of Dubai in its vision to make the city a model for the rest of the world.”

Dubai has been a hotbed of activity for Nokia over the last year. In July last year it launched a trial of its drone-based network testing initiative in a bid to automate the surveillance and maintenance of radio masts across the city. It expanded on this initiative in February by building in LTE and MEC connectivity capabilities for its drones, as well as a control-suite of software for telcos.

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